Abandoned Church | The Last of Us Environment Inspired.


Elevate your projects with Unreal 5.1 Environment – The Last of Us inspired

Unlock limitless creativity with our Unreal 5.1 or Blender environment. Craft immersive worlds, explore the historic Lincoln Cathedral chamber, and infuse authenticity with intricate details. The textured main statue, lush foliage, and pre-configured scenes make it effortless. Begin your journey today.


Elevate your digital world with our unforgettable environment

Are you ready to immerse in a captivating, otherworldly experience?

Experience the extraordinary with our The Last of Us – Unreal 5.1 environment, learn how we made this beautiful piece, play around, and change anything you want.

This is your chance to create unforgettable moments, and here’s how our unique offering can make it happen:


1. Unreal 5.1 level file

Unlock the power of Unreal 5.1, where the boundaries between imagination and reality blur. Our environment is your canvas, allowing you to craft immersive experiences that transport your audience to a world of wonder and beauty.

2. Expertly packed .Blend file

Our .Blend file is a doorway to a world of wonders. It’s more than just assets; it’s an environment that’s meticulously packed and ready for your creativity to run wild.

3. Lincoln Cathedral Chamber Model

Step into history with our faithful 3D recreation of the Lincoln Cathedral chamber. Its grandeur and detail will transport your audience to a bygone era, making them feel like they’re truly there.

4. Trim sheet and ornaments sets

Our environment is adorned with intricate ornaments, each one retopologized and expertly textured. Also, we include 2 trim sheet sets with their PBR maps.

5. The heart of the creation: The Main Statue 3D model

At the center of it all stands a prominent statue, texturized to perfection. It’s not just an asset; it’s the heart of the creation, radiating character and charm.

6. Gas mask 3D model

Intriguing and versatile, this asset is perfect for creating a post-apocalyptic ambiance.

7. Lush foliage, enchanting Ivy

While not included in the Blender file, our lush foliage and various types of Ivy plants add life and enchantment to your Unreal environment. They’re the breath of nature your world needs.

8. Realism that Astounds: Leaks and debris

For an added touch of realism, our meticulously crafted leaks and debris models bring authenticity to your environment. Your audience will be in awe of the attention to detail.

9. Ready-made Magic with a pre-configured scene

No more fussing over settings. Our environment comes with pre-configured volumetrics, mesmerizing firefly particles, and lifelike water ripples, ensuring that magic is just a click away.


Please note that foliage is not included in the Blender file.

Standard use license.


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